IES Ethical Code - Foreword





founded IES EMEA: Industrial Environment and Sustainability, a consulting and training firm, based in Paris, in industrial environment and sustainable development. IES EMEA helps local decision makers in the South and East of the Mediterranean to take note of European environmental regulations and environmental innovations in waste management, pollution and energy.

We help innovations from research centers, clusters, European SMEs to understand the needs of countries of southern and eastern Mediterranean and to provide concrete answers with guarantees, in full transparency and a true sharing know-how to help these countries to become self-manager for their environmental problems.


This transaction and technological partnership is a step forward: knowledge of the other, a sharing of expertise in the field, and understanding of local issues to build all the steps of co-development in terms of energy and reduce environmental impact and future of global peace. 

With the IES, we want to position ourselves as an ethic key player of North-South technology exchange. We obey to the values established on the basis of our experience and respect for the values of each country.


Our identity and behavior are the reflect of these values.


Dr. Chaden Diyab 

Director and Founder of IES EMEA


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